What Sets Us Apart

Our Practice Philosophy: a Commitment to Our Patients

Our patients are part of our orthodontic family. We will make sure that we exceed your expectations, both in terms of service as well as in the quality of your treatment outcome. Dr. Maull will communicate with your referring dentist and any other specialists involved in your care to make sure treatment is well coordinated.

Even after the braces are removed, we want you to come back periodically to make sure your bite and smile remain stable. Our practice is built on strong and lasting relationships and we are committed to our patients. We will do everything we can to make sure you enjoy your beautiful smile for the rest of your life.

Patient Testimonials

“She is the best orthodontist. She is very competent, and very friendly. She takes time to answer all questions, and she has nice smile.”
— Alexandra S.

“Very classy. I thought I was going to walk into a kiddie place or teenageville, and as a 55-year-old woman, I was a bit intimidated. I was treated like an adult and it was a beautiful office.”
— Stephanie W.

“She’s always available when I need her!”
— Janna H.

“Her wonderful smile. Her cheerful staff. Her experience and professionalism. She really cares about each and every one of her patients. Being an interior designer myself, walking into her state-of-the-art, drop-dead gorgeous office space is like walking into a sanctuary. Very calming.”
— Tammi D.

“The office staff is wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Dr. Maull is always on time and very accurate in estimating how long my treatments take.”
— Lisa N.