Orthodontic Emergencies

If you have any concerns about your appliances or know something is broken or loose, please call or email our office. We will follow up with you to determine if you need to come in or if the issue can wait until your next appointment. If you feel something needs immediate attention, please contact Dr. Maull directly on her cell phone.

Here are some tips on what you can do to help alleviate problems until you are able to come to the office:

Loose Brackets

If a bracket feels wiggly, is sliding on the wire, or rotates, it is broken.  Please keep it in place if possible.  If the sliding is annoying, slide it against the next bracket and use wax to keep it there.  Please do not try to get another orthodontist to repair it, even if you are away at camp or traveling.

Loose Bands

Bands are metal rings cemented around teeth. Loose bands pose no immediate threat, but need to be recemented. If the band has fallen out of the mouth, please save it and bring to your appointment. 

Broken or Poking Wires

Broken or poking wires can poke the inner cheek. Sometimes tweezers or a pencil eraser can help shift the wire so it doesn't irritate as much.  Alternatively, wax or silicone can be used to cover the area until you can come in to our office to have it fixed.