Meet The Team

What Sets Us Apart


New Patient Coordinator

When somebody calls our office for the first time, I welcome them, provide information, and schedule their first visit. I coordinate with the referring office to make sure we have all the necessary information before the first visit.

Books on my shelf - “The Wedding” by Nicholas Sparks, “The Hunt for Red October” by Tom Clancy

If I had the opportunity - I would travel to Antarctica to go whale watching

Two people I would invite to dinner - Ellen Dengeneres and Mark Wahlberg



Financial Coordinator

We understand patients and parents are busier than ever so we try to make appointments as convenient as possible.  I also work with patients to determine the best payment options while maximizing their insurance benefits.

Opportunity of a lifetime - I would like to live on every warm climate island around the world for at least a month 

One of my favorite movies – “Imitation of Life” 1959 version with Lana Turner and Sandra Dee 

One thing about me that nobody knows - On some weekends I change into a hard hat and steel toe boots to assist in the construction of places of worship in our local community



I work remotely from Ocala, Florida. I used to work in the office but had to move to take care of my elderly mother.  You may hear from me when I confirm appointments or email letters.

Best piece of advice you were ever given - Take things one day at a time

Something about you that nobody knows - I used to be in the marching band in high school and played the flute and piccolo, I was also a pitcher on a softball team

If you were given the opportunity of a lifetime - I would go to Hawaii!


Records Coordinator

I take diagnostic records so that Dr. Maull can create a customized treatment plan for each patient. I also work with Dr. Maull to treat newborns with cleft lip and palate.

Best piece of advice you were ever given - Don’t take yourself too seriously

One thing about me that nobody knows - Used to play the accordion

Two people I'd invite to dinner - My children Mark and Natalie


Orthodontic Assistant

I work with patients in the clinical area with Dr. Maull. I have many years of experience in all aspects of orthodontic treatment, including different types of braces and clear aligners.

In my spare time I enjoy - Spending time with my son and daughter in-law along with my two granddogs, Harvey and Thea

Books on my shelf - The Bible and “Inés of My Soul”

Hobbies - Cooking, reading, and traveling 


Orthodontic Assistant

I assist Dr. Maull in the clinical area. I love getting to know our patients and find it amazing to see their confidence and self esteem increase as their smile improves.  The best part is seeing how excited they are to have their braces removed!

Favorite movie – “The Notebook”

Books on my shelf – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” and “Divergent Series”

Best piece of advice you were ever given – The secret to success is waking up early, “the early bird gets the worm!


As of January, 2021, Erma is at home enjoying her third child, baby boy Ricky. We are so happy for her and her family!


As of March, 2020, Patti is somewhere between Virginia and Florida enjoying her family and chasing the sun!